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Delivery Information

*Message follows in English

Αποστολή για παραγγελίες στην Κύπρο

Η αποστολή για παραγγελίες σε όλη την Κύπρο γίνεται με το Akis Express. Στέλνουμε στο κοντινότερο σας υποκατάστημα του Akis Express ή σε αυτό που θα μας υποδείξετε εσείς.

Το κόστος της αποστολής είναι 2.50€ ενώ η αποστολή είναι ΔΩΡΕΑΝ για παραγγελίες άνω των 50€

Όλες οι παραγγελίες που γίνονται μέχρι τις 11.30 πμ, αποστέλλονται την ίδια μέρα νοουμένου ότι τα προϊόντα υπάρχουν σε στοκ και η πληρωμή έχει ξεκαθαριστεί.

Το κατάστημα Cliqant.com είναι στην Θεοτόκη 4Β, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος και μπορείτε να παραλαμβάνετε και από εκεί τις παραγγελίες σας.

Τρόποι πληρωμής για παραγγελίες από Κύπρο

  • PayPal κατά την ώρα της παραγγελίας στο eShop
  • Αντικαταβολή-πληρωμή με μετρητά στο Akis Express κατά την παράδοση
  • Μεταφορά/κατάθεση σε τραπεζικό λογαριασμό, Τρ. Κύπρου (θα πρέπει να κατατεθεί ολόκληρο το ποσό της παραγγελίας). Οποιαδήποτε τυχόν τραπεζικά έξοδα επιβαρύνουν τον πελάτη.

Delivery For Cyprus Customers:

Delivery is done via Akis Express all over Cyprus. We are sending to your local Akis Express point or to the one that you will provide us.

The shipping cost is 2.50€ but we provide free delivery service for orders more than 50€.

Internet orders placed before 11.30pm usually can be dispatched the same day provided the goods are in stock and payment has been cleared.

Orders placed after 11.30pm usually will be processed and dispatched to customers the next working day, provided the goods are in stock and payment has been cleared.

As our couriers do not pick up from our warehouse on Saturdays and Sundays, all there orders will be dispatched on the next business day.

The shipping fees are estimated based on the destination country, the method of shipment as well as the total weight of the package(s). Kindly note that the shipping fees are automatically calculated by the e-shop platform and should there be (extremely few if none we believe) cases where these are different to what Cyprus Post would have charged this is down to the system’s limitations. We would be happy to see any case of extreme shipping fee charge.


Payment Methods for Orders from Cyprus

  • via PayPal during the checkout on eShop
  • Cash on delivery from Akis Express Courier service
  • Bank Transfer on our Bank Acc. (Bank of Cyprus). Any kind of extra charges from the bank must be covered by the client.

Delivery For Customers not in Cyprus:

Countries we ship to

The countries to which we ship to are defined at the User Sign up page. Please note that there may be cases that due to the shipping methods available we may not be able to ship to specific countries. In this case a full refund will be provided.

Order processing time

Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days after a payment confirmation is received and if the ordered items are in stock. You can drop us an e-mail in advance to check availability.

Delivery address

The shipping address should clearly indicate the name of the individual that will receive the parcel. We do not ship to PO boxes, Military Bases (APO/ FPO address), etc.

Change the shipping method or address after placing an order

Changing either the shipping method or the shipping address after an order is placed is not possible at the moment.

Registered shipment

We strongly advise that this option is selected ("REGISTERED") when choosing the shipment method as this will provide visibility (in most cases) in regards to where the package(s) are located till they get delivered. In case of selecting not to be able and track your package(s) then as soon as the goods leave our hands we carry no responsibility of ensuring that you will receive the goods.

Custom & local / import taxes

When placing an order with a delivery address outside of European Union there is a possibility that custom and import taxes or other type of charges may be applied by your local authorities. Prior placing an order please ensure that you are aware of these potential additional charges by contacting the customs authority of your country as we carry no responsibility for any additional charge.

Received wrong items

Please contact us within 5 days from receipt of the order and we will inform you of the next steps.

Damaged or Missing items

In case of a damaged or missing item please contact us within 5 days from the day you received the goods. For a damaged or defect item we would need the product ID, a photo of the damaged part as well as a photo of the original packaging. It will be in our sole discretion to decide as to whether there will be compensation and what the value will be (this can be in a form of loyalty points provided that the recipient is a registered user or a replacement is that is possible).

If there is obvious damage in the packaging the issue is most likely to be caused by shipping mishandling. In this case please contact your local Post Office or the delivery agent first. Please note that the resolution process may differ from country to country.

We do not consider an item as damaged or defected in at least the following cases:

  • Any damaged caused to the product by opening the product packaging when receiving the product itself.
  • Differences that may appear when comparing the received item or its packaging with what was displayed in the website when placed the order. The product description as well as the product photos may change without any prior notice.
  • The manufacturer does not recognize the item as damaged or defect.
  • Marks of any kind, bents or dents on the product packaging that cause no issues to the product itself.

Contact information

We are available as per the details on the bottom of our home web page. We will notify of potential delays at processing your order in case of a public holiday days that we do not operate.

Also we can be contacted at: info@cliqant.com

Order confirmation email

When an order is placed an email is sent. In case such an email has not been received please login in your account and confirm that the order is placed. If not please contact us.

Payment methods (Abroad)

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • PayPal (no need to have a PayPal account / be a PayPal registered user)
  • Bank transfer (Account holder: NAKOS DIMITRIOS-ORESTIS, Bank name: BANK OF CYPRUS, IBAN: CY16002001950000357024555785, SWIFT/BIC: BCYPCY2N). In case of a bank transfer we should receive the full order amount, so as to continue with processing. Any banking charges during the transfer amount must be covered and paid by the client and not by Cliqant.com.

Additional charges or handling fees may be applied by PayPal or your bank so please make sure you are aware of these prior placing an order.

Base currency

The currency used is Euro (EUR). All other currencies displayed in the website are indicative ones and do not reflect necessarily to the final order amount.

Shipping methods*

We ship only via the Cyprus Post at the moment. The available shipping methods are:

  • A’ priority. The most economical method for shipment in Zone 2 countries. Please look further below for the countries in Zone 2. A’ Priority packages are shipped by air and are handled by priority both in the country of posting as well as in the country of destination depending on the quality standards of the country of destination. There is the ability to track and trace the parcel through a special bar-coded number (the customer should make the appropriate selection during the check out process).
  • EPG. The parcels are delivered by a specified date and are delivered as a rule at the recipient’s address provided that the recipient is available during the delivery time. They can be tracked through a bar-code number at no extra cost. This is the most cost effective shipping method for Zone 1 countries (please see below for the countries that are part of Zone 1).
  • EMS. The quickest shipping method available though the most expensive of the three available. Typically offer guaranteed delivery within 24-48 hours from the time the parcel arrives in the destination country, provided that has cleared customs. Offers ability to track the parcel at any time at no extra cost.

Cyprus Post may apply changes at any time without prior notice. For up-to-date information please refer to the Cyprus Post official website.

*we do not ship orders with liquids of more than 100ml of per order.

Zone 1 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom as well as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican, Liechtenstein and Monaco.

Zone 2 countries: Other European countries and countries in the rest of the world.